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SWBR ARCHITECTS, P.C. and its predecessor firms started the general practice of architecture in 1969. The 53-person firm is managed by eight architects. We emphasize partner involvement from inception to occupancy to build a relationship based on trust, commitment and understanding. SWBR takes pride in the ability to customize services to suit your specific needs -- to approach each project with a fresh perspective that results in unique, creative solutions.

Our focus is on customer satisfaction. This leads to a team approach that creates a partnership with you, the client. This partnership defines responsibilities and roles, respects opinions and objectively evaluates input and criticism. We recognize that every project is unique and therefore, offer a keen sensitivity to addressing your needs. Our projects involve a diversity of design talent and experience which creates quality designs for your specific goals. Additionally, a project manager is assigned at the start of a project and stays with the team until completion. Depth, versatility and customized selection of services results in the right application for each client. SWBR takes pride in the ability to listen to you and match our response to your needs. Because of our depth, you have confidence that we can service minimum to maximum project needs. One firm, one set of faces with the same commitment to you.

Contact: Lisa Fingar, Marketing Coordinator, 716-232-8300

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