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Laboratory Environments

More than 40 clients, with over 100 projects, represents the individual experience of HERA Principal, Janet Baum, AIA. An expert in laboratory master planning, programming and design with 30 years of experience, Ms. Baum has worked successfully within universities and academic medical centers. She is adept at the process of working with committees (including researchers, students, users & administration) to reach consensus in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. In addition to educational and healthcare environments, Ms. Baum is a noted authority on research and development facilities for biotechnology and pharmaceutical clients as well as for chemistry, materials science and consumer product companies. The issue of safety within laboratory facilities is a key element of our work.

Healthcare Facilities

With more than 15 years of architectural experience working with clients in healthcare environments, HERA Principal, Laurie Sperling's special expertise lies in the early planning of a project, assisting client to develop their overall strategies. A speaker on healthcare and philanthropy, she has authored several articles on the design and funding of healthcare and senior living environments.

Interest in Working with You

We are very interested in working with you as part of a collaborative team, to develop facilities that contribute to the quality of life of the users, owners and staff. With a consensus-building process, we have been able to contribute to the successful outcome of many projects. We look forward to doing the same thorough job with you.

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