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N. Joel Clary, Architect

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Our firm offers a complete range of services, including: Site and master planning, complete design services, specifications development, construction follow-up and building inspection. We are also proud to offer custom project supervision and consulting services. Utilizing the expertise of a registered Architect and a registered Engineer. we will serve as your representative to protect your investment and insure that your building project is done right, the first time.

N. Joel Clary, a registered Architect, has worked in construction and architecture since 1959. His experience is broad, including major corporate developments, religious facilities, medical facilities, commercial/industrial buildings, and residential design. In 1996, Mr. Clary designed the new Center Core Building for the internationally-known North Carolina Motor Speedway at Rockingham. Whether the job is large or small, Mr. Clary brings a unique blend of design skill, experience, and creativity to each project.

Working with Mr. Clary is registered Engineer, Hugh H. Bradley. A graduate of Louisiana State University, Mr. Bradley has over 35 years experience in engineering and construction. He has worked in corporate settings, as well as in medical and industrial engineering. Mr. Bradley specializes in project supervision and consulting.

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