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After completing a master planning study addressing the redevelopment of the Capitol Theatre and adjacent historic district development blocks, the Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts (BSPA) hired Oculus Inc. to assist them with “envisioning” the project. Envisioning entails developing imagery needed to build understanding and consensus and enhance materials used for raising the funds needed to proceed with architectural/engineering renovation design and construction.

Oculus Inc. constructed a 3-D data computer model of the proposed conceptual project that incorporates the suggestions and recommendations contained in the master plan reports and transformed them into visual reflections of how the project might look. This model was utilized to capture motion and still images showing how the Capitol Theater might appear in its completed state.

The primary focus of the project was the Capitol Theatre, including the building’s interior and exterior. The computer model focused on the prominent spaces such as main auditorium space, public lobbies, box office, and building entrance. Support spaces, ancillary rooms, and behind-the-scene areas were not included at this time.

To show how the new Capitol Theatre will appear and impact the surrounding area of Downtown Brownsville, the computer model was built to include the surrounding blocks. We focused detail on the corner of East Levee and East 11th Streets. For example, the building facade of the El Jardin Hotel is represented in the computer model to convey the appearance of finished projects. We proposed design "suggestions" for how the facades of adjacent buildings and projects may appear to convey the overall character of how the subsequent area might look. The outcome was a visually rich presentation of the ideas put forth in the master plan documents. These still images and video/motion are being used by the BSPA to include in marketing materials and presentations for key stakeholders and prospective funding organizations/agencies/boards.

Capitol Theatre Envisioning Project

Brownsville, Texas

Capitol Theatre Envisioning Project

Photography: ©

Client: Brownsville Society for the Performing Arts (BSPA)

Completed: 2006

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