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E. L. Nickels Design Studio

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E.L. Nickels Design Studio provides complete design services in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Three-dimensional Artwork.

Design commissions include earth-integrated structures, regional architecture and landscape design; sensitivity to climatic and environmental conditions and the unique character of each project site; functionality within budget restraints. Examples are parks and recreational facilities; educational facilities; medical and dental office buildings; religious facilities; commercial and residential landscape; intimate sculpture gardens.

The common denominator of the design professions of architecture and landscape architecture is the art of combining form, texture, color, composition, etc., with functionality and beauty. Each project is considered as a whole, where exterior spaces become the focal point for interior spaces, thereby extending functional interior space into the exterior landscape.

Mr. Nickels gives the highest degree of professional service with personal, detailed attention to each phase of every project from design conception and development through construction documents and administration. Extensive environmental design experience are combined with a computer aided drafting and design system.

Commissions include many award-winning architectural and landscape projects. Art commissions include sculpture surrounded by nature in a patio or garden, or as a surprise focal point for interior spaces. Mr. NickelsÂ’ sculpture and sketches have been exhibited in many art shows.

Bachelor of Architecture, Arizona State University

Registered Architect and Landscape Architect

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