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As Architect-of-Record, GBBN Architects was instrumental in the development of the University of Cincinnati’s expanded student union, the Tangeman University Center. GBBN worked with the University to select a Signature Architect, finally selecting Gwathmey Siegel & Associates of New York City. Together, Gwathmey Siegel and GBBN, worked with the University to create the University’s ‘Main Street for Student Life’, a Master Plan concept to provide an educational experience like none other in the country.

Student Involvement

Students were extremely involved in the programming & design process. Since this space was intended to be their “home away from home”, creating a space that met student needs was critical to the success of the project. We worked with a committee including lower and upper classmen as well as students that spanned various majors and extra curricular organizations. Careful consideration was given to the way students study, socialize, and dine - all activities that take place in the union.


To accommodate user needs, flexible furniture was selected. This gave the students the opportunity to re-arrange things depending on the size of their group. The furniture was also designed to accommodate laptops. Both individual and group study spaces were created for various study styles. School colors were also incorporated into the overall color scheme to encourage school spirit.

Tangeman University Center

Cincinnati, Ohio

As Architect-of-Record, GBBN worked with the University of Cincinnati and Signature Architect Gwathmey Siegel & Associates to create the “Main Street for Student Life,” a Master Plan concept providing an educational experience like none other in the US.

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