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A rolling six acre site is carefully traversed by a winding half mile sand covered driveway. As one nears the beach, the vegetation begins to thin and the elevated single story structure appears, hovering over the landscape. The 90 foot long steel, glass and wood box is cantilevered from a perpendicular concrete plinth, exposing its structure for a tectonic clarity. The south facing wall of the structure is covered with rolling wooden louvered panels to screen the summer sun. As one proceeds under the structure, one enters a private outdoor deck and fireplace area, surrounded by dunes and native vegetation. The boardwalk continues along side the concrete wall towards the beach beyond.

The center public spaces are open to the front and rear patios, while the private spaces are placed at the four corners. The polished concrete floor flows throughout the interior and matching concrete pavers cover the exterior patios. The pool is located in the north-west corner of the patio allowing the water to flow over two sides. A cantilevered, private outdoor shower is entered through the main shower in the master bath. A concerted effort in choosing the materials, their intersections, and details was undertaken to promote a minimal, uncluttered, peaceful co-existence with the inherent beauty of a spectacular, unspoiled site.



Single Family Residence

Photography: ©

Size (sf): 2600

Completed: 2006

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