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Taking a functional approach to design does not mean sacrificing aesthetic excellence. The best architecture improves the lives of the people who will use the space, makes a positive contribution to the natural and man-made environments, and endures in purpose and artistry. To achieve this measure of success, Brininstool + Lynch focuses on integrity of design and precision in planning. We do not create designs that cannot be effectively constructed, nor do we spend our way out of design problems. Our distinctive approach helps achieve an architectural result that is intelligent as well as inspirational.

Before beginning the design of individual spaces, we work closely with our clients to conceptualize the direction of the project, ensuring that site context and other requirements are carefully considered. Materials - an integral part of the design process - are selected for compatibility and affordability, never in imitation of other materials. We view interior and landscape design as essential components of the architectural project and prefer to take the lead in these areas; however, we will work with others that are sympathetic to the design of the project. From the beginning, every project has input from the principals, one of whom oversees the project from inception to completion. In addition, clients benefit from the dedication of our entire office to providing the highest level of professional service.

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