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Somerville, Inc. is a full-service architecture and engineering firm based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our in-house staff includes 30 registered professionals in all basic architectural and engineering disciplines (structural, mechanical, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, medical gases, process). We utilize a team approach to our projects in which design reflects the incorporation of architectural and engineering needs from the onset. The integration of disciplines benefits our clients with greater building economy, less design time, elimination of conflict between trades, and one-point project responsibility. In our 51 year history we have completed over 4,100 projects including design for healthcare, education, government/public administration, industrial, retail commercial, recreation, and religious facilities. Through we are broad in experience, we offer design specialization to a variety of areas of including Healthcare, Government Facilities, Education, and Industri al. We also offer design/build services through Somerville Construction Services, Inc. For a brochure with additional information, please call (920) 437-8136 ext. 222 or 242.

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