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An Owner designed and constructed home in 1978 in Sawyer, Michigan. Solar oriented on a south southeast axis, this earth sheltered and super insulated heart is a three level garden trombe wall with a recalculating return air mass storage central core. The stone and concrete solar slab is insulated with two inches of rigid insulation beneath a heat sink of one foot of sand fill. The glazing is clear standard one inch thermopane set in wood frame clad with copper. The home also includes an active solar hot water system and most of the materials included in the home are green and sustainable including stone, wood, glass, solid wood cabinets, butcher block, solid wood flooring and decking as well as natural low voc shellac finishes. The indoor garden space reminded the owner of their home on the island of Samoa and creates oxygen, reduced carbon dioxide and other airborne chemicals and toxins within the home.

Private Residence

Passive solar, green, sustainable

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