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Organized along a two-story, sky-lighted central circulation spine or “Main Street,” extending the full length of the building; designed to exude a sense of linear yet spacious orientation and connection to the building as a whole.

Main Office, Media Center, and Student Services are located along this central spine, which will have the look and feel of a “Main Street.” Most of the educational spaces are accessible from this channel.

Four (4) two-story classroom wings extend from the central spine to form smaller academic units, each with its own faculty work and meeting areas.

Accented by a curved wall with full-height windows, the two-story high Media Center opens onto a courtyard designed for peaceful study.

The 22,000 sq. ft. epoxy terrazzo floor of the Main Street and Student Commons areas presented a unique canvas. The client welcomed the suggestion to base the tile pattern on the work of M.C. Escher, renowned for his graphic interpretation of the logic of mathematics, physics, and crystallography.

Robbinsville High School

Robbinsville, New Jersey

New Construction

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Client: Washington Township Board of Education

Size (sf): 225,000 sq. ft.

Cost: $36.7 million

Completed: 2005

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