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Architects USA is an internet directory of over 20,000 architecture firms in the United States of America. Our listings are from Yellow Page listings and from architects who have provided us their information. Architectural design covers a wide range from urban design and planning (city planning), at the large scale, to furniture design and kitchenware at the small. The architect is usually at the head of the construction team for a project, coordinating the various parts to achieve an aesthetic and functional result, whether it is a building, a subdivision, or a city. An architect must be able to see space at many different scales, as well as deal with a variety of people and companies (engineers, contractors, building material suppliers, etc.). When done well architecture can be an incredible achievement. The best buildings are the result of a great relationship between the client and the architect. By collecting information from architecture firms and providing it in an easy to read format on the internet, we believe that clients will be better able to find the architect who best meets their needs and desires. The end result should be better architecture.

Architects USA is owned by SearchUSA, LLC — a family owned and operated business located in Bellingham, Washington.

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